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Voo, Mandi, Kamillo, Sheben, Kayanis, Koper, Katz, Martin Mariner, Trzypion, Tytus, Tygrysek

Wojtek "Voo" Babinski

[Wojtek Babinski]     

Wojtek Babinski

Mariusz "Mandi" Danilewicz

[Mandi]      I'm a fan of Mike Oldfield for many years. Right now I also one of the OZes (Fathers the Founders) of Unoficial Polish Fanclub of Mike Oldfield "Four Winds". I also listen other music, like: Era, Tiamat, Adiemus, Enigma, Heloween, Deep forest and others more or less exotic bands...
     Sometimes I writing soemthing... But only in polish language. Sorry for that...

Mariusz Danilewicz

Kamil "Kamillo" Frankiewicz

[Kamil] I'm 21. I live in Warsaw. I play guitar(keyboard(flute(mundharmonica))), I like mountain wanderings, and as for now I'm student of Warsaw University of Technology [Electronics Department - just like our webmaster - Tytus :) ].
    I love true Music - kind of music that can change people, gives relief, amazing and incredible. That music makes you run, scream, cry and at the same time makes you silent and contemplative about it in soft candle light... Do you know, what I'm talking about ? Yes. About Mike Oldfield and Vangelis, Grzegorz Turnau, Pink Floyd....
    I know Mike's music from some time. And I know, there are many people like us - Mike's Fans. Please - try only one time to go out at night, looking in glittering sky above you, with discman loaded with The Songs Of Distant Earth.... If you're lost in Sunken Forest - you are already ours....

     I'm also member of ATS (Amarok Tabbing Society) - couple of people that want to make complete tabs to Amarok and other Oldfield's masterpieces. I will lead Polish Corner of ATS here, on Four Winds pages... so join us :) The more people with music skills, the better results :)
    I am webmaster of Polish Katowice'99 Then&Now Concert at www.oldfield.w.pl. But not for long. It will be a part of Fanclub Section called CONCERTS soon, with posibility of sharing your concerts recalls with all fans.....

Lukasz "Sheben" Jedynasty




Piotr "Koper" Koperski


    I'm 28. Three years ago I finished studies at Technical University in Wroclaw. There I met my girlfriend, i have married last September. Now I am working and living in Bydgoszcz. I started to listen to Oldfield's music sometime in 85 or 86 (I was 15 then), in programme at polish radio "Wieczor plytowy". That year i spent 4,500 pln for buying Crises from "second-hand" store and next winter something I can describe as "touring albums exchange" came to our town. A few guys with cases full of vinyls were travelling from town to town. They had just hundreds of albums. One of the guys sold me Incantations, spanish copy. I didn't know what kind of music is there and if I liked it or not, but I was so convinced by Mike's name and the so called "inside voice" that I just bought it.
    Although that fascination and the first place in my musical choices I have many different types of music in my player. I have a great acknowledgement for the Beatles. Maybe because my older brother was a true fan. Neil Young is for me an important personality, also Paul Simon, Eddie Brickell, Suzanne Vega, John Lee Hooker, Tori Amos, Bjork, Nusrat FAteh Ali Khan and lately Pat Metheny. In the "bands" category I have Toto, Simple Minds, the Orb, Metallica, Rush, Led Zeppelin.


[Katz]     My name is Katz. I was born in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. This is the city I also spent my childhood in and went to a High School (our webmaster, Tytus, had graduated from the same High School few years earlier). In 1998 I entered The Warsaw University. I studied at Institute of Ancient Philology for a year. Currently I am a student of International Relations at Centre for Europe. I work as an English teacher and sometimes as a translator.
    My two main points of interest are: music and vehicles. As far as the first one is concerned, I love listening to good music (rock, folk, electronical) and playing guitar in my leisure time. My favourite artists are (besides mere guitar player called Mike Oldfield ;-) Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Marillion also Enigma and Al Stewart. I used to be keen on heavy-metal and I still enjoy listening to such groups as Metallica, Moonspell, Tiamat or Lacrimosa.
    I've been loving Mike since I was a child (check out the photo) for every piece of music he wrote, especially for his works from the 70's.
    If I'm not listening to music and not playing any instrument, you'll probably find me in my garage, spending my time surrounded by old cars and motorcycles. I'm particularly interested in oldtimers from Eastern European countries, such as famous German Trabants, about which I'm preparing a Polish website. I'm one of the founders and members of the Enginnering Centre Association - a project that features an oldtimer club and museum, light and sound laboratory, area arrangement company and even an art gallery.
    I also like travelling a lot. I'm a persistent biker and I enjoy climbing mountains. I visited Spain (which is one of my favourite countries), Britain, France, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany, but I feel most comfortable either sun-bathing somewhere at the Polish lakes or having a beer in the Tatra mountains.
    I'm the co-author of the site devoted to Mike's concert in Katowice. I used to be a fanclub driver, cook and author of the 'album descriptions' section.
    And that's all... Have fun with our website !

Martin Mariner

[Martin Mariner]     

Adam "Trzypion" Plaszczyca

[Trzypion]     I was born... Geeee.. Three years before Tubular Bells. In Cracow.
    I have had work in a company with blue strips in its logo called like HAL, but every letter should be on the next position. Acctually I'm working for a little company with a green triangle in logo. Probably you never hear its name.
    I first heard Mile's music when I was visiting my friend (she is also M.O. fan). And I got caught... Besides Mike's music I make all technical stuff running.
    O.K. That's enough. GoodMike.

Adam "Tytus" Skowronski

[Zdjecie Tytusa]     I live near Warsaw (capital of Poland). I study at Warsaw University of Technology and work in computer company.
    I've been listening to Oldfield's music for ten years. I love sophisticated music, wchich is composed simillar to classical but with using modern instuments, computer technology and good rock sound.
    In our Fan Club I'm responsible for making the whole site and our Lyrisc page. I used to be a Fan Club driver too :-)
    Very Important Information for millions of adorers: I'm married. You can only look at my picture and adore me in silence.

Lukasz "Tygrysek" Wierzbicki

[Luke Tiger]     I live in Poznan in Poland. I'm working in investments and developing and I like it, but in fact it isn't as much fascinating for me as riding on horseback and listening to the music is. People, animals and music are three things, which I really love. Once I tested travelling in the far countries, I will always have this strange "virus" of looking for foreign affairs inside of me.
I am helping Polish Multikulti Project with promotion of the folk music. I'm writing reviews of music made by the great artists from all over the world.
I try to make some kind of exploration of the world every Thursday evening, when I have my own radio broadcast on the local Radio FAN 100,2 FM. The programme is called "Treasure Island", as we try to search for the most precious musical treasures of our planet. Mike Oldfield is a regular customer on our Islands.

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