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The history of our fanclub began in the summer of 1999. At that time Kamil Frankiewicz, Kacper Kozicki and Tomek Romanowski, impressed by Mike's concert in Katowice (his first concert in Poland) created a web page dedicated to that remarkable event (http://www.oldfield.w.pl/). They created a signbook and via e-mail invited other Polish fans to cooperate. Soon Adam Skowronski, Piotrek Koperski, Lukasz Jedynasty and Lukasz Wierzbicki joined the team. We all had many ideas and wishes, but we didn't know each other and, moreover, we lived in various parts of Poland so we were unable to cooperate smoothly at that time.

     Relatively fast we chose a name for the fanclub. From many possibilities we chose two nice proposals: "Sunken Forest" and "Four Winds". Difficulties creating pages with a sunken forest and an idea to make a navigation element from our logo made us decide on "Four Winds". The debate was ended by a decision taken by Piotrek Koperski who established a mailing list called "4winds" on the http://www.egroups.com server. Some time later we polonized the name to "Cztery Wichry" (read Tchtehry Vihri) which means exactly "Four Winds"

     Even more stormy discussion took place when we started talking about a graphic schema for our pages. There were two diametrically different visions, which led to quarrels between fanclub members. It is a mystery how we were able to reach a compromise. We have to say that the above mentioned quarrels made us more familiar with each other and allowed us to make a preliminary planning of our tasks.

     Everybody got to the work and the materials started to arrive to our webmaster, Adam Skowronski who did a great job creating a decent web page of what he had received from us.

     Responsibility for the present form of the web page form is taken also by:
    - Lukasz Jedynasty (graphic elements),
    - Piotr Koperski (links),
    - Kacper Kozicki (dicography descriptions),
    - Adam Skowronski (graphic design and lyrics),
    - Lukasz Wierzbicki (biography, news, rarities).

    The New Kid on the Block (no associations, please!), Adam Plaszczyca organized a domain (oldfield.org.pl) and Polish mailing list (4winds@oldfield.org.pl).

     Enjoy our Site! Please feel free to give us any comment on this material and we hope you come back soon. We are inviting you to join us if you love Mike Oldfield's music or if you are ready to start loving it. Especially if you are a girl.

Lukasz Jedynasty, Piotrek Koperski, Kacper Kozicki,
Adam Plaszczyca, Adam Skowronski and Lukasz Wierzbicki

made by: Adam Skowronski, 20.10.2008
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