First gathering of Fathers the Founders

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The venue:
Warsaw and Jablonna near Warsaw

    Meeting began with searching for unknown persons at railway stations and other settled points of Warsaw. This operation was done without troubles and finished succesfully.

    First point of our schedule was meeting at Trzypion's flat to prostrate ourselves before mike (mike.oldfield.org.pl) and to get all of us togheter. Photos

    After that, by the cars, we went to a hipermarket to provide us with food and drinks - it was the next task finished succesfully after approximately 1 hour waiting in a line to the cash-desk.
At about 5 pm we reached Tytus's house, where the main part of ZlOZ took place.

    At first we listened together to the following pieces of music: Four Winds (Guitars), The Bell (Tubular Bells II) and Far Above The Clouds (Tubular Bells III).

Then time passed away on making closer acquaintances among members, disscusions, listening Mike's (and not only Mike's) music, eating and drinking... It must be admitted that Casper makes breakfast toasts as well as he describes Mike's records.... photos

     During the meeting few more official elements took place:

  • listening to Mike's concert in Katowice (CDs organised by Kamil)
  • listening to Lubomir's record (unfortunately he was absent), relased as Kayanis,
  • watching Tubular Bells II premiere concert from Edinburgh - after solving few technical problems with our equipment,
  • Very serious disscussion about our fanclub (it brings Statements and Responsibilities) photos
  • Go to sleep early morning photos
  • breakfast photos
  • listening to an interview with Mike recorded from a Polish radio
  • listening to The Millennium Bell - connected with disscusion concerning this new release.

* ZlOZ is an abbreviation that stands for "Zlot OZow" what means "Gathering of Fathers the Founders".

prepared by: Adam Skowronski, 20.10.2008
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