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"the watcher and the tower waiting hour by hour"

To menu    Mike Oldfield's Fans love him, especially as instrumentalist, composer. But Mike is an author of lyrics of most his songs so we decided to make speciall place, dedicated to all Mike Oldfield's lyrisc

    At the beginning, we show You some crazy statistics. In discussion group "Amarok", somebody said, that Oldfield hadn't created songs about love. It started big discussion. We didn't make interpretation of lyrics (wchich is sometimes very difficult in Oldfield creations), and started to find word "love" in lyrics. Thats our scores:

  1. The nost "love" album is "Earth Moving"
  2. There is no song with word "love" in title (except "Sallyangie" becouse it depeded of Sally)
  3. There are eleven songs of sixty contain word "love". It's equals 18% of Oldfield's creation are "love songs"
  4. There are eleven composition of one hudred seventy six (exclude rarities) contain word "love" - 6.25% "love compositions"

    A conclusion is: Mike isn't the biggest romantic of the world, but we think, that he knows something about love. In fact, you don't need talk about feelings directly

    Before we invite You to reading of lyrics, we want to present You citat from interview with Barry Palmer, one of vocalists related with Mike Oldfield

    "If I have a complaint about Mike, the lyrics are often difficult to understand. (...) On the other hand he doesn't have to write a story that I understand, a story which workds in the context on his music, so I can't complain at all. He must know what can be understood and what can't be understood, it's his decision when he is writing it. It's his music and it makes it more mysterious and it make you finding your own meanings and that's probably part of what he does. It can mean something to you and maybe something different for me, and that's in another way quite clever I think. (...) But I like his lyrics in the way it matches to his music and if you want to be a song write the lyrics have to match absolutely to the music, if you don't understand that it's tough. Mike is very good on that." (Barry Palmer, September 1997)



  1. Moonlight shadow (extended version)
  2. Rite of man
  3. Don Alfonso
  4. Don Alfonso (german version)
  5. Shine
  6. Pictures in the Dark
  7. Froggy Went A-Courting
  8. Mistake
  9. Passed You By

Children of the sun

  1. Strangers
  2. Lady Mary
  3. Children of the Sun
  4. A lover for all seasons
  5. Riversong
  6. Banquet on the water
  7. Balloons
  8. Midsummer night's happening
  9. Love in ice crystals

Tubular Bells

  1. The Sailor's Hornpipe


  1. On Horseback


  1. The Sailor's Hornpipe z Tubular Bells
  2. The Rio Grande
  3. In Dulci Jubilo
  4. Speak (Tho' You Only Say Farewell)
  5. On Horseback z Ommadawn


  1. Incantations Part Two
  2. Incantations Part Four


  1. Incantations Part One And Two(Live)
  2. Incantations Part Three And Four(Live)
  3. The Sailor's Hornpipe z Tubular Bells(Live)


  1. Into Wonderland
  2. I Got Rhythm
  3. w niektórych wersjach: Sally


  1. Celt

Music Wonderland

  1. Sailor's Hornpipe z Tubular Bells
  2. In Dulci Jubilo
  3. On Horseback z Ommadawn

Five Miles Out

  1. Family Man
  2. Orabidoo
  3. Five Miles Out


  1. Crises
  2. Moonlight Shadow
  3. In High Places
  4. Foreign Affair
  5. Shadow On The Wall


  1. To France
  2. Poison Arrows
  3. Crystal Gazing
  4. Tricks Of The Light
  5. Discovery
  6. Talk About Your Life
  7. Saved By A Bell

The Complete

  1. In Dulci Jubilo
  2. Moonlight Shadow z Crises
  3. Family Man z Five Miles Out
  4. Mistake
  5. Five Miles Out z Five Miles Out
  6. Crime Of Passion
  7. To France z Discovery
  8. Shadow On The Wall z Crises


  1. Islands
  2. Flying Start
  3. North Point
  4. Magic Touch
  5. The Time Has Come
  6. When The Nights On Fire

A Virgin Compilation

  1. Magic Touch
  2. Magic Touch (Edit)
  3. Family Man
  4. Flying Start
  5. Moonlight Shadow
  6. Shadow On The Wall (12" version) z Crises
  7. Five Miles Out z Five Miles Out
  8. North Point z Islands

Earth Moving

  1. Holy
  2. Hostage
  3. Far Country
  4. Innocent
  5. Runaway Son
  6. See The Light
  7. Earth Moving
  8. Blue Night
  9. Nothing But
  10. Bridge To Paradise


  1. Amarok

Heaven's Open

  1. Make Make
  2. No Dream
  3. Mr. Shame
  4. Gimme Back
  5. Heaven's Open

Tubular Bells II

  1. Altered State


  1. Tubular Bells part Two incl.The Sailor's Hornpipe z Tubular Bells
  2. In Dulci Jubilo
  3. On Horseback z Ommadawn
  4. Sailor's Hornpipe z Tubular Bells
  5. Five Miles Out z Five Miles Out
  6. Family Man z Five Miles Out
  7. Crises z Crises (Excerpt)
  8. Moonlight Shadow z Crises
  9. Foreign Affair z Crises
  10. Shadow On The Wall z Crises
  11. Crime Of Passion
  12. To France z Discovery
  13. Islands z Islands
  14. Flying Start z Islands
  15. Magic Touch z Islands
  16. Earth Moving z Earth Moving
  17. Far Country z Earth Moving
  18. One Glance Is Holy z Earth Moving (Sinle Remix)
  19. Heaven's Open z Heaven's Open

Mike Oldfield's Wonderland

  1. In Dulci Jubilo

Tubular Bells III

  1. Man In The Rain
  2. Far Above The Clouds

The Millennium Bell

  1. Peace On Earth
  2. Pacha Mama
  3. Sunlight Shining Through Cloud
  4. Liberation
  5. Amber Light
  6. The Millennium Bell

Tr3s Lunas

  1. To Be Free

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