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"This is the main reason [why I did TB2]: I didn't like hearing my works changed for other people, without recognising it. I think it's like robbing and I think it's not just. I think that if someone puts a new version it should be me, with my way of playing instruments and my way of composing and my own feelings." (Mike Oldfield, 1992)
Mike Oldfield covers:
  • Roger Chapman "Shadow On The Wall" live version on "Live In Berlin".
  • Hall And Oates their version of "Family Man" from "H2O" (1982) was very successful in United States.
  • Book Of Love placed on "Lulaby" (1988) "Tubular Bells" theme with dance arrangement.
  • Brave Combo placed on their "Humansville" (1988) humorous version called "Tubular Jugs".
  • Annie Haslam, the Reneissance vocalist sung on her solo album from 1989 "Moonlight Shadow".
  • Elena Duran plays on "Light & Latin" (1991) "Moonlight Shadow" on flute.
  • Blind Guardian "The Forgotten Tales" incl. "To France".
  • Sarah Brightman "Dive" incl. "Siren" with some "Tubular Bells" elements.
  • Randy Bush "Foreign Affair" dance single.
  • Lol Coxhill / Stephen Miller "The Story So Far... Oh Really?" incl. "Tubercular Balls".
  • Andy Dimes "Andy Dames" incl. "Moonlight Shadow".
  • Duo Sonare "Duo Sonare Plays Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells".
  • Eloy "Ra" incl. "Voyager Of The Future Race" with excepts from "Tubular Bells Theme".
  • En-Trance "Tubular Bells" CD-Maxi single.
  • Percy Faith "The Best Of Percy Faith" incl. "Tubular Bells (Fifth Movement)".
  • Paul Hardcastle "Paul Hardcastle" incl. "19" based on "Tubular Bells".
  • Ice-T "Gotta Lotta Love" CD-Maxi incl. "Tubular Bells Mix".
  • Janet Jackson "The Velvet Rope" incl. "Velvet Rope" with "Tubular Bells Theme".
  • Jesus Loves You "Martyr Mantras" incl. "Tubular Bells".
  • Franz Lambert "There's A Party" incl. "To France".
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber "Variations" incl. "Tubular Bells".
  • Hank Marvin "The Best Of Hank Marvin And The Shadows" incl. "Moonlight Shadow".
  • Karel Plihal "Takhle Nejak To Bylo..." incl. "Pohadka" ("On Horseback" in Czech language).
  • Popeline "Ao Pe De Ti" incl. "A Luz Da Lua" ("Moonlight Shadow").
  • Karl Ratzer "A Man And His Guitar" incl. "Moonlight Shadow".
  • Maggie Reilly "Elena" incl. "To France".
  • The Shadows "Moonlight Shadows" once more "Moonlight Shadow".
  • Young MC "Brainstorm" incl. samples from "Tubular Bells" and "The Killing Fields".
  • Maquina Total "Maquina Total" incl. "Man In The Rain (disco version)".


  • Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist Kayanis recorded in 1998 album "Machines And Dreams" with electronic and guitar music. It is partly inspired by music of Mike Oldfield with some quotes from "Tubular Bells" as well.
  • There is very famous Polish song "Malinowy Krol" (music: Romuald Lipko; lyrics: Marek Dutkiewicz) from the middle of the 80's. It is performed by Urszula. The title means "raspberry king". When you listen to it carefully, the inspiration is obvious. Melody, way of singing and guitar playing are very similar to "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield. You can even find the similarities in the lyrics:

    "Prowadz mnie w niebieski cien...
    (...) ksiezyc pelni straz.
    Czy nie znalam cie w innym zyciu juz,
    kiedys hen, dawno tak..."
    "Lead me into the blue shadow...
    (...) ...the moon is the guardian.
    Didn't I know you in another life,
    some other time, a long time ago..."

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