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Mike Oldfield is an independent artist and he seems to know the best, what he wants and what he needs. That's why you cannot find many albums with his name as the session player. Most of these appearances come from the early passage of his career, before he became so successful soloist.
    Albums by various artists with guest appearance of Mike Oldfield:

  • Kevin Ayers & The Whole World "Shooting At The Moon" (1970), "Whatever She Brings We Sing" (1971) and "The Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other Stories" (1974) bass guitar and vocals;

  • Lol Coxhill "Eat Of The Beholder" (1970) guitar;

  • Edgar Broughton "Edgar Broughton Band" (1971) and "Bandages" (1975) guitar, harmonica and mandolin;

  • David Bedford "Nurses Song With Elephants" (1972), "Star's End" (1974), "Orchestral Tubular Bells" (1975), "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" (1975), "The Odyssey" (1976) and "Instructions For Angels" (1977) bass and guitar;

  • Henry Cow "Leg End" (1973) and "Unrest" (1974) sound engineer;

  • John Cale "June 1st 1974" (1974) bass, guitars and vocals;

  • Robert Wyatt "Rock Bottom" (1974) guitars;

  • Tom Newman "Fine Old Tom" (Virgin 1975, Voiceprint 1995) and "Snow Blind" (1997) guitars;

  • Kevin Ayers "Odd Ditties" (1976) bass, guitar, vocals;

  • Pekka Pohjola "The Consequences Of Indecisions" (1977) Pekka Pohjola: bass; Sally Oldfield: vocal; Mike Oldfield: guitars, mandolin, percussion, production. Tracks:
    1. The Sighted Light
    2. Hands Calming The Water
    3. Mathematician's Air Display
    4. The Consequences Of Indecisions
    5. False Start Of The Shadows

  • Pierre Moerlen's Gong: "Downwind" (1979) oraz "Gong Live" (1980) guitar and bass;

  • Bram Tchaikovsky "Strange Man, Changed Man" (1979) timpani;

  • Lea Nicholson "The Concertina Record" (Virgin, 1980) - Mike plays guitar, sleigh bells and bodhran i one track "Kopya".

  • Skids "Joy" (1981);

  • Michel Polnareff: "Kama Sutra" (1989) guitar on three tracks;

  • Sally Natasha Oldfield "Natasha" (1991);

  • Luciano Pavarotti "Pavarotti & Friends" (1993) includes live version of "Sentinel";

  • David Bedford "Song Of The White Horse" (1994) production and engineer;

  • David Bedford "Variations On A Rhythm Of Mike Oldfield" (1995). Includes songs by Tom Newman with guest appearance by Mike Oldfield: "Superman (demo)", "Day Of The Percherons (demo)" oraz "Have Mercy On My Eyes (new track)". Material from 1975.

  • Kevin Ayers "Garden Of Love" (1998) electric guitar.

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