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In 1968 Terry Oldfield and his younger brother Mike formed group Barefoot .
    After graduation of Benedictine Monastery School Terry began working as a roadie, mixing sound and setting up the stage for various groups. He followed the Byrds on their tour in 1971-1972.
    Later he appeared (with playing flute) on "Hergest Ridge", "Ommadawn", "Boxed" and "Incantations".

    Terry Oldfield lived on Isle of Hydra in Greece for years, but finally moved to Great Britain.
    He releases his own solo albums with music for films (BBC series „In Search Of The Trojan War", „Great River Journeys", „Return To Treasure Island") and new age music. His instrumental music is inspired by journeys all over the world, by classical and mediaeval music and (as he says)... by silence.

    Some of his albums:

  • Cascade (1986);
  • Star Of Heaven (New World 1989);
  • Spirit Of The Rainforest (New World 1990);
  • Zen: The Search For Enlightenment (New World 1991);
  • Illumination (New World 1992);
  • Spirit Of The Africa (New World 1993);
  • Out Of Depths (New World 1993);
  • In The Presence Of Light (1994);
  • Resonance (1994);
  • Reverence (1994);
  • Australia: Twilight Of The Dreamtime (New World 1994);
  • Spirit Of Tibet (New World 1994);
  • Spiral (Voiceprint 1994)
  • Spirit Of India (New World 1997);
  • Icon (New World 1997);
  • All The Rivers Gold (New World 1999).

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