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"When you see one bird
there's another one watching over
and the two can fly much higher"
(Mike Oldfield 'When The Night's On Fire')

    Music 'related' to Mike Oldfield... but what does it exactly mean?
    Firstly it means all the guest appearances of Mike Oldfield on other artists recordings.
    Secondly we tried to mention all the artists that accompanied Mike Oldfield in the studio and on the stage through all the years of his career. For obvious reasons we have prepared special pages for Sally Oldfield (and Sallyangie) and Terry Oldfield.
    On another fascinating page we listed all the other artists, whose names appeared on Mike's albums or concerts. You will find some musical pupils of Mike Oldfield as well as some of his teachers and mentors there. There are some very famous musicians listened and also some performers... that became famous after appearing by the Mike Oldfield side. Some thrilling plots have appeared there. We have amplified them on separate pages.
    Maybe not all of the names and titles that we have mentioned are really worth of our interest, but we just tried to find the variety of musical and personal Mike Oldfield connections. Maybe you will discover some new fascinations by the way...

    Thirdly you will find covers of Oldfield compositions that were recorded by other more or less talented artists. We have also listed music that was inspired by Mike Oldfield there.

So in the name of the Four Winds...    
You're welcome on the path leading to all the Mike Oldfield connections!    
Lukasz Wierzbicki    

made by: Lukasz Wierzbicki, 20.10.2008
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