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David Bedford Tom Newman Paddy Moloney Maggie Reilly Phil Collins Rick Fenn Carl Palmer Roger Chapman Phil Spalding Barry Palmer Jon Anderson Simon Phillips Anita Hegerland Geoffrey Downes Bonnie Tyler Kevin Ayers Michael Cretu Max Bacon Adrian Belew Chris Thompson Nikkie ‘B' Bentley Mickey Simmonds Courtney Pine Trevor Horn Adrian Thomas Luar Na Lubre Carrie Melbourne Pepsi Demacque Miriam Stockley Greta Hegerland-Oldfield

  • David Bedford was musical mentor of Mike Oldfield, he schooled him in composing and was his helping hand while recording "Hergest Ridge", "Boxed", "Incantations", "Platinum", "QE2", "Killing Fields". He also sang "Don Alfonso". He also worked as an arranger and orchestra leader with Roy Harper, Camel, Alan White (Yes), Kevin Ayers and also with Ennio Morricone by the famous "The Mission" Soundtrack in 1986. Details and discography.

  • Tom Newman engineered most of Mike's albums since the very beginning of his career. In the meanwhile he found time for realising a couple of his own albums. Discography.

  • Paddy Moloney appears with his pipes on "Hergest Ridge", "Ommadawn" and "Five Miles Out". He also used to work together with Art Garfunkel, Don Henley (The Eagles), Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Sting and The Corrs. Paddy Moloney is the leader of The Chieftains – who knows, maybe the most famous Irish folk group in the world.

  • Maggie Reilly appeared on Mike's albums and concerts in 1980-1992. Her voice delights us in "Family Man", "Moonlight Shadow" or "To France". Musical appearance by Mike Oldfield side let her to make quite successful solo career in the 90's. Details and discography.

  • Phil Collins... yes, that's right. Phil Collins really appears on "Taurus" and "Sheba" from Mike Oldfield album "QE2". At that time Collins wasn't as popular as he is now. He released his first solo album a year after that. All in all he already was very respected musician and drummer, as he was a member of Genesis. Details and discography.

  • Rick Fenn played guitar on Mike Oldfield albums between 1980 and 1983. His name appears on "Islands". Rick recorded also with Ten CC. In 1985 he released together with Nick Mason from Pink Floyd album "Profiles", on which you can find song "Lie For A Lie" sung by David Gilmour and Maggie Reilly.

  • Carl Palmer made really great work in "Mount Teidi" from "Five Miles Out". Carl Palmer loves drumming and he has got quite a lot of possibilities for that while playing in the excellent bands Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Asia. Details and discography.

  • Roger Chapman was the lead vocalist of Family between 1968 and 1973. Later he recorded with Streetwalkers and since 1979 solo (mainly in Germany). It seems that the greatest hit, he has ever had is Mike Oldfield "Shadow On The Wall" from "Crises".

  • Phil Spalding played bass guitar and sung on "Crises", "Islands" and "Earth Moving". He was also a session bass player and vocalist on "Strong Love Affair" by Ray Charles, "This Way Up" by Chris de Burgh, "Across From Midnight" by Joe Cocker and "Circle Of Life" by Elton John. He was also a member of GTR.

  • Barry Palmer began his career with Triumvirat. In the 80's he worked with Mike Oldfield on "Discovery". He also sang on "Crime Of Passion". Later he disappeared from the public eye. He tried to make solo career. Unfortunately didn't manage to gain big success. Details and discography.

  • Jon Anderson sung two Mike Oldfield songs: "In High Places" and "Shine". Jon is one of the greatest vocalists in the world and one of the most creative artists in the rock music. He composed and performed lots of wonderful music solo and another lots of wonderful music together with Yes, and yet another lots with Vangelis, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Rick Wakeman and many, many more artists. Details and discography.

  • Simon Phillips was a co-producer of "Crises", "Discovery" and "Islands". He played drums on these albums and also on "Heaven's Open". Philips is known as one of the best drummers of the rock music. He recorded a couple of solo albums. He drummed also for Roxy Music, Camel, Whitesnake, The Corrs, and since the middle of the 90's as a member of Toto. He took place of Jeff Porcaro there. Details and discography.

  • Anita Hegerland was Mike's girlfriend for many years. It isn't hard to guess that she was appearing on his recordings at the same passage of time. Anita recorded one record by herself after they separated. There was no serious response.

  • Geoffrey Downes co-produced "Magic Touch" from "Islands". Downes played in The Buggles and Yes, but he is best known as the co-founder of an excellent band Asia. Another founders were John Wetton, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer, and from 1992 another important member of the group is John Payne. Details and discography.

  • Bonnie Tyler performed on "Islands". Bonnie is a very popular singer with a very characteristic voice. In his lasting since the middle of the 70's career she had a lot of huge hits, like "It's A Heartache", "Holding Out For A Hero", "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", or "If You Were A Woman (And I Was The Man)". She also worked together with the great producer Jim Steinman.

  • Kevin Ayers performed "Flying Start" on the album "Islands" (Mike wrote the song especially for him). Seventeen years before Mike Oldfield took his first steps as a rock guitarist in the Kevin Ayers band. He joined Kevin in the studio several times. Kevin Ayers plays music that is some kind of blues and ballads with the elements incorporated from Spanish music. Discography.

  • Michael Cretu co-produced "The Time has Come". He was Mike's friend while they were living on Ibiza at the same time. They inspired each another. He released two solo albums, but he was most successful with the albums signed as Enigma. Details and discography.

  • Max Bacon joined Oldfield with his vocals in 1987-1989. You can hear his voice in "Earth Moving" or "Bridge To Paradise". With the pure and strong voice he can offer unusual passion with his way of singing. He's one of the best and at the same time one of most underestimated rock vocalists. Details and discography.

  • Adrian Belew appeared with his vocals and playing guitar on "Earth Moving". He sings and plays guitar in King Crimson since 1981. He released a couple of solo albums and composed a few soundtracks. He is constantly searching for the new techniques of playing guitar. He worked in the studio together with Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Jean Michel Jarre and Nine Inch Nails. Discography.

  • Chris Thompson appeared with his vocals in "Runaway Son" and "See The Light" on "Earth Moving". His previous work includes recordings with Gary Moore, Bryan May (Queen), Alan Parsons, Jeff Wayne, Sarah Brightman or George Michael. He released a couple of not so exciting solo albums. He's very busy man. He is also an artistic director and designer.

  • Nikkie ‘B' Bentley made some vocals for "Earth Moving" and "Heaven's Open". As far as we're concerned Lambourne is Nikkie's name actually and she is a vocalists of Never The Bride. The band recorded one heavy album "Never The Bride" (Atlantic 1995) and performed "Going To California" on "Encomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin" (1995).

  • Mickey Simmonds played on keyboards on "Complete", "Islands" and "Heaven's Open". In 1993 he also worked together with Camel. He made much of good work on the solo albums by Fish. He released his own album "The Shape Of Rain" (1999).

  • Courtney Pine play clarinet and saxophone on "Heaven's Open". Courtney is an excellent jazz-saxophonist and appeared to be the next Wynton Marsalis. But he has always had strong interest in several forms of music outside of jazz, like reggae, funky, pop, jazz-rock or... "music from the balcony".

  • Trevor Horn was a co-producer of "Tubular Bells 2". Horn began his career in The Buggles together with Geoff Downes, and after that he took place of Jon Anderson in Yes, but only on one album. Than he turned to music production. He became one of the best producers on the pop-music. He helped many artists to gain a success. These are Yes (hit "Owner Of The Lonely Heart"), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art Of Noise, his wife Grace Jones, Rod Stewart, and... Mike Oldfield as well. Details and discography.

  • Adrian Thomas was a keyboard player during "Tubular Bells 2" concerts. On "Then & Now - Tour" in 1999 he was also a musical director and guitar player. Adrian is quite a talented composer of the music for movies and TV. He appeared on soundtracks for "Fisher King", "Madness of King George" and "Crucible".

  • Luar Na Lubre comes from Spanish Coruna and plays an excellent folk music inspired by Celtic culture. They are good friends of Mike. On "Voyager" Mike performed their composition "Song Of The Sun". He also invited the band vocalists Rosa Cedron to sing on "Tubular Bells 3". The band played as a support on Mike's tour. Details and discography.

  • Carrie Melbourne played bass and Chapman's stick on the premiere concert of "Tubular Bells 3" and on the shows in 1999. Her previous work includes playing with Babylon Zoo. She recorded solo album titled "Indian Ocean" (1999).

  • Pepsi Demacque sung with Mike on concerts in 1998-2000 and on "The Millennium Bell" album as well. We first saw her face and heard her voice during watching the first clips by Wham! (George Michael). Pepsi appeared there with her friend Shirlie Holliman. Girls firmed one album signed ‘Pepsi and Shirlie' and titled "All Right Now" (Polydor, 1987) with the hits "Heartache" and "Goodbye Stranger". Pepsi did also some backing vocals for Fine Young Cannibals and Spandau Ballet.

  • Miriam Stockley appeared on "The Millennium Bell". She also sang "Moonlight Shadow" during the New Year's Eve concert in Berlin in 1999. She used to sing backing vocals for the amazing amount of great artists. She also was a lead vocalist on Beautiful World and Adiemus. In 1999 she recorded her first solo album. Details and discography.

  • Greta Hegerland-Oldfield is a daughter of Anita and Mike. We have heard her sweet 12-years old voice on "The Millennium Bell". We hope her future career will be very successful. We keep our fingers crossed.

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