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Mike Oldfield has said quite a few clever things in his life and that's why this page seems to be quite interesting to read. Sometimes he used to express strange opinions. You don't have to take his words to serious. We suggest treat all the quotes of our Master with some kind of reserve. All in all he said once: "I know I'm very unstable, and I probably, always will be, but the point is that I've accepted that about myself." (The Daily Telegraph, August 1998)
    There is no doubt, that this selection of Mike's quotes allows us to understand [Oldfield]truly all the emotions and thoughts hidden behind his music. You can read right here about things that are most important in Mike's life. You can find the answers for many questions. What does he maintain about the future of the music, why is his guitar so easy recognisable and why does he love the sea, but hates the saxophones.
    We enclosed the different people's opinions about Mike, so You can get the picture even more clear.

    Mike Oldfield has said:

  • About life
  • About God
  • About music
  • About his guitars
  • About making music
  • About his albums
  • On the other (sometimes strange) note.

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    "Eventually in one thousand years from now when there's another millennium change, we will be very different creatures to what we are now and I will do my little part to make them good creatures and not bad horrible ones, I hope." (Mike Oldfield, June 1999)

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