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"[My house on Ibiza] is very similar to my music. When you look at it from different sides, You can notice different things..." (polish radio, September 1996)

"I don't listen to my old music, to be honest... I'm saving that for when I'm in my bath chair when I'm ninety. I'll put on my laser walkman, or whatever exists then, and think [imitates quivery old voice] "That was a good one!" (June 1995)

"You see I don't listen to my old albums. I'm too afraid. I'm always thinking about the next album. There comes a point when I finish an album, and I say: 'That's that.'" (press conference, July 1999)

"This is the main reason [why I did TB2]: I didn't like hearing my works changed for other people, without recognising it. I think it's like robbing and I think it's not just. I think that if someone put a new version it should be me, with my way playing instruments and my way composing and my own feelings. " (El Mundo, 1992)

"I didn't know it [Song Of Distant Earth] had generated a mixed reaction! All I know is that I can't listen to it now, especially the first fifteen minutes, without being personally very moved." (June 1995)

"This album [TB3] and my latest ones have a lot of me, a lot of emotions and personal feelings." (Carlos Finaly, August 1998)

"It feels like everything I've learnt, everything I've done was designed to teach me how to do this project [The Millennium Bell]." (August 1999)


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