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Do You believe in God?

"No. Maybe some day... can change." (Disco Expres, January 1976)

"Yes! We all are the living part of God. He is not just Someone living in the Heaven. I see it like the Power that exists in everything in the world. You can call it just 'God' if you like." (Polish Radio, September 1996)

"That [Tai Chi] can, just like my music, not be captured in words. You feel the unity and the equilibrium of your body. You feel peaceful, it helps you not going down... [Just at that moment a rowing paddle that was standing against the terrace wall falls down, as if Oldfield also is capable of telekinetics. He starts laughing and continues] ...there is a spiritual consciousness in this world, that can explain phenomenons like telekinese. Past, present and future don't exist. There only is a huge energy that makes it possible that for instance this moment that thing falls. Language isn't sufficient for that." (September 1996)


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