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"Since I started making music, things have become more categorised. You've got dance music, world music, rock music, heavy metal, New Age, folk... when I started out, all these categories didn't exist. All I've really done is take bits of all the types of music that I like and make them into a long instrumental collage." ("The Break", 1992)

"The problem is people is trapped into success illusion. Everyone thinks success in sales terms and radio airplay. Real success in music would have to be so far you can get into performance and enjoying. I would like sales charts didn't exist, because that stupid illusion wouldn't exist." (El Pais, 1993)

"I'd like to see somebody come and play differently from everybody else, not using the Blues scale, not turning into jazz, but making something new out of nothing. I'd like to see more variety, honesty, creativity, uniqueness, not everybody just following each other like sheep." (1991)

"Well, I think it's more a fashion thing. Personally, I think that we've gone as far as we can go with music like an artistic form, and that we're starting to look back. (...) Music has evolutionated. Rap is a step ahead, dance music is a step ahead too, there's a science of rhythm, the combinations of different rhythms move your body, they touch a very primitive part of your brain. But at the end, music means nothing if it has no soul or heart." (Carlos Finaly, August 1998)

"It took about two minutes to learn what it [disco music] had to teach me." (The Times, January 1999)

"Punk is the way of those who are unable to express themselves, but they aren't dangerous; at worst, they may kill their audience."

"I think [new age music] is boring. Maybe I don't have listened adequate themes, really I don't have listened too much new age music, but I think it's hollow music, without feelings. The only thing in common is my music is also instrumental, but I don't think these musicians owing something from me." (El Mundo, 1992)


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