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Tom Newman (engineer): "Well [I remember him, hen I first met him] just being this very shy and slightly confused young hippy, looked as if he was spaced out, really, all the time. He only had 2 items of clothing that he wore on a permanent basis - a purply pair of flared jeans and a little skinny t-shirt. I only ever saw him in those for the first couple of years that I knew him. I think that's all he ever had!" (August 1997)

Wendy Roberts (vocalists): "Quite laid back, but positive, definitely knows what he likes and obviously a genius composer and player. A really nice friendly person, the sort of guy you'd wind up in his local pub for a drink and a chat." (March 1995)

Barry Palmer (vocalists): "If you do a job for something like Mike you have to do it his way or you should go. (...) He used to be a perfectionist. He used the highest standards on drumming and instruments and vocals." (September 1997)

Mike Oldfield: "No, not a compromise. I do hat I do, because I feel that it's the right thing and I'm satisfied in what I've done. (...) I spontaneusly think 'that's the right thing to do' and I will do that. There's no reason why." (June 1999)

Mickey Simmonds (keyboard player): "Mike doesn't listen to any modern albums, only classical. My solo album sat in his studio for 3 months, when I took it away in disgust it left a neat clear patch in the dust!"

Anita Hegerland (vocalists, girlfriend): "It wasn't exactly love at first sight. But I always liked him. He is a very nice man." (October 1989)

Simon Philips (drummer, producer): "Mike basically taught me how to engineer [his records] (...) I learnt an incredible amount from Mike and in fact he really showed me the way for starting a solo career." (March 1999)

Carrie Melbourne: "I read that he once romantically mused 'when I want a project done, I move heaven and earth to get there'. For me, a rather more utilitarian image springs to mind, of him in the driving seat of a steam-roller, where the safest place is either to hop in the seat behind him, or to evacuate the surrounding area. Because once started, it isn't stopping".

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