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"I do not feel I am musician. I don't know... I create sounds, that are reflections of my emotions (...) To be a musician means something quite different. I am rather someone like a wizard of the sound..." (polish radio, September 1996)

"All I want to express with my music is my feelings. I think it's the purpose. To show images, landscapes, love, hate, fury. Take outside your inside marvellous and strong feelings that you have.(...) The artists have the obligation being ourselves." (El Mundo, 1992)

"The difference between me and the people that quote in their music other artists is... that I quote myself."

"I scribble down little bits of ideas wherever I am - in the pub, watching TV, or in the car - and I have to stop the car and write down the idea on a scrap of paper. Then I go into the studio and work on it and make it into a little one- or two-minute piece. I do that for a few months, and I end up with a whole library of bits; then I start thinking about how I can link them together. I also think about common elements; how I can use the same tune in different parts, and patchwork it together until it has some kind of form. I polish every little bit until it's as good as I can get it, and then it gets the final overall polishing in the mixdown. Any large thing has got to be done in bits, really... and quite often I'll do it all again once I've mocked it up in demo form." (June 1995)

"If things are written for orchestra, that's fine. But doing orchestral versions of things which were never be supposed to be orchestral just doesn't work. I didn't like Orchestral Tubular Bells or any of that stuff..." (June 1999)

"On each of these songs I worked every day for 8 weeks. The singer came to the studio for 3-4 hours. So these songs are really mine." (Hungarian Television MTV1, September 1996)

"Really I prefer working alone, mainly for a time reason, I lose too much telling people what I want they do. (...) Maybe in the future I would learn working with others..." (El Mundo, 1992)


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