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"I love playing my guitar so much, that it's for me like some kind of friend. Or maybe rather like a lover..." (Tylko Rock - polish magazine, November 1998)

"Guitar is the only instrument I can play, really. I'm not a multi-instrumentalist; anybody could play the piano as well as I can. Things like timpani and bells are very easy. You've just got to hit them. But the guitar is the only thing I can play..." (Guitar Player, 1978)

"Well, I've got two guitar sounds that I use, and it's a mixture of my technique and the processing. Most people play with a pick; you can't get a very clean sound because no matter how much you try and stop the other strings they're always ringing a bit and they interfere, but because I grew up with the folk technique of playing with my fingers I can always stop the strings that aren't being sounded, so I get a very clean sound.
I also use a violinist's vibrato; most guitarists use a rock vibrato which is a bit ugly and too much... I use this very fast side-to-side vibrato and I also use a technique from classical guitar where you play the note and you make it ring with the vibrato, it kind of makes it sustain a lot more...
I use an old Roland GP-8 guitar processor, which you can't buy any more, because I'm used to the sound... the other guitar sound I use is a Stratocaster put through very heavy compression and gating. But it's basically down to the technique and the feeling I put into it. I always imagine it [the guitar] as some kind of musical creature talking... there aren't many people who can do that. (...) The basic is putting all your feelings and emotions into your music; it's something you really have to work at. You have to believe in it and you have to have total confidence in what you're playing, and then the thing sounds real, it sounds really alive and kicking, it's talking, it's communicating...
" (June, 1995)

"I think - well, you know, the violin was invented 3-400 years ago, people still play the violin. I should imagine people will still play the guitar in 4-500 years." (press conference, June 1999)


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