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"I love the philosophy that everything that happens to you is the perfect thing to happen to you - even if you can't see it at the time. And if you can accept that, instead of struggling to be something else, you're well on the path to having a peaceful life." (The Daily Telegraph, August 1998)

"I was born into a family full of problems, my mother was ill the most of the time and I was unhappy as a human being. Then I escaped and I find a refuge in the music, inside of the music I was happier and protected. That world finished being a realer one for me. It was good for a time, I did a lot of music, indeed my older albums are still selling, then I do not have to worry about money in all my life. But really it is not good, confine and hide yourself is not good." (El Dominical, September 1996)

"So all these wounds [from the youth] are still inside me, but in some strange way, they give me the power and energy to express myself through music." (The Daily Telegraph, August 1998)

"Most people live in a kind of trance, blaming their parents, their school, the government for something. They don't take responsibility for themselves, so, I can change something if I don't like it." (June 1999)

"When I looked at the life. You can judge the people around you, and I had few friends. And my friends were not happy. My career was destroying itself, I was unhappy, I drank a lot, my health was bad, I could not to sleep. I said to myself: "This is not a life, I have to find the meaning to do a search of inside of me". And I learned about our mechanisms, about the experiences in childhood can influence the adult life, I discovered into relationships you try to show your childhood in very strange ways. With psychoanalysis I explored myself and then not to do those ones. I explored other ways, spiritual ones, to conduct my life, until I found a little of peace." (El Dominical, September 1996)

"Now I travel to the inside, with different states of mind, with help from meditation and Tai Chi. Before this one, I was always thinking, always worried. Now I have learned to stop my thoughts, and in that state my mind is into a complete peace. No anxiety, no worries. Suddenly you feel everything around yourself and you discover so many things happen..." (El Dominical, September 1996)

"I'm no longer so obsessed with my work, success or prestige. I learned it's quite an achievement to be alive. Life is more important than what you do with it. Thus I learned to do nothing: not thinking does help. Strange enough you can't help but notice that you achieve more by doing less. In the past I was constantly planning everything. Now I let the things just flow." (September 1996)

"Happiness is very overrated. Fun. I think that's overrated, too. I mean, all these things are very nice. But they don't compare with peace of mind." (The Daily Telegraph, August 1998)


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